What is NCSS?

The National Computer Science School (NCSS) provides quality educational opportunities for Australian high school students to learn computer-programming skills. The aim is to attract students into considering the career choice offered by studying an ICT related subject at University. Working with industrial sponsors NCSS provides students with an opportunity to visualise a path to interesting programming-related careers in engineering and computer science.

NCSS is unique compared to other educational outreach programs in that it requires no local skills support. The online program, the Challenge, runs each August and a residential program, the Summer School, runs each January. Participation in the Summer School is a qualification increasingly recognised by students, high schools and employers.

NCSS is run by the University of Sydney with strong sponsorship from both industry and government.


NCSS awarded for educational excellence


In 2010, the National Computer Science School was awarded the Engineers Australia "Engineering Excellence Award" in the outreach category. The NCSS Challenge was also awarded an iAward for e-Learning in 2010.