NCSS is about challenging students to think like computer scientists and providing an intensive programming experience in a university setting. As part of the program, students will go on industry site visits and meet industry professionals in a variety of contexts, including talks, competitions and meals. In 2018, NCSS students visited Atlassian, Freelancer, Commonwealth Bank and WiseTech Global.

The main activity for the week is the creation of software to implement a social networking site. Social and teamwork games are included in the relaxation periods, as well as scheduled free time in Sydney.

All NCSS students reside at a residential college on campus. The majority of students are housed in single rooms, occasionally students may be housed in same sex twin rooms. NCSS tutors reside at the same residential college, and provide pastoral care for the duration of NCSS.

To see what happens at a typical NCSS, watch our video on YouTube.

Example NCSS Timetable

Note that this program is indicative only, as the exact timetable changes each year.

  Morning Afternoon Evening
Day 1   Students arrive
Introduction and Welcome
Introductory Lecture
Meet your teammates.
Day 2 Introduction to the Projects Programming Lectures and Labs Trivia night
Day 3 Programming Lectures and Labs Programming Lectures and Labs NCSS Scavenger Hunt
Day 4 Breakfast Site Visit Programming Lectures and Labs. Free Time
Day 5 NCSS Masterclasses
learn something new
Free Time in Sydney:
movies/pool/shopping/be a tourist
Formal Dinner for NCSS
students and industry mentors
Day 6 IT Company Site Visits IT Company Site Visits. BBQ Lunch. Cryptography Challenge.
Day 7 Mock Job Interviews Project Lecture
Project Planning session with your group.
NCSS Programming Competition.
Day 8 Programming session:
implementation of your final project
Programming session:
implementation of your final project
Simulation Challenge.
Day 9 Programming session:
implementation of your final project
Robotics Competition
Preparing the final presentations.
The "All-nighter"
Day 10 Final polish on the presentations
Packing and preparing to leave.
Final Presentation. Students Depart.